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Helpful Training Accessories

By: gliran | August 5th, 2018 4:09 pm

There are not too many useful, effective, and comfortable to use training products or training accessories but some definitely are. I don’t make these, and I am not affiliated with these companies in any way – but I do use these products so wanted to give some recommendations!

The better Treat Pouch

The only one that I have found to be really handy and useful is the one that has been known as Karen Pryor Treat Pouch and now been distributed by Pet Safe. It has a spring loaded hinge to it so in a slight touch it will close to keep dog noses off from poking in and avoid losing treats on the go. It will stay open if you wish while you train for quick reachout for treats. Highly recommended for the training stages where you need to have treats on you all the time. It comes in two sizes and a few colors. Price is reasonable and affordable. Good quality, washable. Keep the hinges oiled to prevent them to rust.

The Classic Kong Toy

This is a long time successful and very useful training toy, or better determined as training accessory. It is safe for all ages dogs (comes in various sizes and colors) and it is hollow.
Puppies can chew on it safely without destroying, tearing apart and swallow chunks of it, which is not true with Nylabone (see my blog “The Nylabone Scare).
You can stuff the Kong with favorite goodies, like peanut butter or even mushed dog food and freeze it. Then, use it in special occasions when you crate train or train to stay home alone to keep the dog busy working the goodies out of the Kong. The Kong is relatively cheap and I found it to be very effective in training.

Safe and effective deterrent (Citrus Magic)

Puppies must chew. Like babies, their emerging teeth are bothering them and they will chew on anything and everything in the household. Preventing your puppy from harming himself or herself, causing damages to furniture, and any reachable chewable item can be a real hassle. The Citrus magic spray is not only a natural odor eliminating air freshener, it can be used to to deter the puppies from chewing on everything. Unlike the bitter apple spray (my dogs loved licking on it) this can be safely sprayed on furniture, plants and anything that you need to keep the puppy away from. Inexpensive and very effective.

Harnesses that make training easier.

Although, there isn’t even one harness in the world that will avoid or teach the dog not to pull by itself as there is no such thing, the front buckle harness can ease training the dog not to pull and allow you to better control the pulling dog while training loose leash walking.

Premier Easy Walk is one of the better harnesses in the market and is easy to train the dog to willingly dress on. With treats it will probably take just a few minutes.

The other similar harness is Soft Touch SENSE-ation (Yes, this is how it is spelled) 🙂

Both harnesses come in various sizes and instructions for sizing. are equally effective, and with the right techniques dogs will learn to walk nicely and not pull.

DO NOT EXPECT THE LEASH TO DO THE TRAINING JOB FOR YOU. IT WILL NOT! Please, get a trainer to teach you the correct way of using it.

Have fun training!


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