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Gil (Giora) Liran, B.Sc., MBA, ACDBC, CPDT-KA®

Gil is a IAABC Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and CCPDT Certified

Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed®. As a Professional dog Trainer, Gil

believes in building a strong bond and relationship with our canine companions through positive reinforcement training. He is a Professional Member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainer). In 2011, Gil served as Director of the Board of the Lagotto Club of America. Gil’s past affiliations include the IDF-K9 Unit (Israeli Defense Force). Gil has used his engineering background and expertise to invent several pet products and has consulted for pet product manufacturers to design products that meet the dogs’ natural needs. Gil has attended Gail Fisher’s All Dogs Academy Instructors School in

Manchester, NH and continues to attend educational seminars and conferences to

further his education in canine behavior and training. Gil’s canine companion is Bruno, a 6 year old male Lagotto Romagnolo.