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The Nylabone Scare

By: wetnosesfb | August 25th, 2010 1:23 pm

Hello all dog lovers,

You might have innocently bought Nylabones to your lovely chewers and it never occurred to you that Nylabone could be a life-threatening product so here is a true story:

Bruno, my 16 months old Lagotto Romagnolo is a notorious chewer so, I bought him a “nice” Nylabone at the nearest Petco store.

As usual, Bruno waged his tail happily and with a smile on his face grabbed the bone and ran out to the back yard to work on it.

Well, I haven’t watched him longer than a few minutes to make sure he was fine and went back to my business. I haven’t noticed that the Nylabone has disappeared and I was looking for it next day everywhere, it was gone. I thought that Bruno or my other dog have hidden it in a hole in the ground as they tend to do sometimes with other goodies,

About a week later, Bruno stared to vomit along with a bad diarrhea. On the second attempt to vomit there were two weird 1.5” hard chunks coming out of him. This scared the hell out of me. I collected the vomitus and those two chunks and zoomed with Bruno to see his Vet.

The Vet identified the chunks to be Nylabone pieces and was very surprised as Nylabone was not supposed to brake like that at all. The Vet wondered if there was anything left in Bruno’s stomach but as Bruno didn’t seem to suffer, she decided to administer antibiotics, put him on bland diet and keep a close eye on him.

Next day, Bruno was just fine and we played as usual, nothing seemed to bother him. There was still diarrhea but no vomit at all. I thought we were on the right track.

Nylabone knuckle

The day after that, we went for out for our morning walk and then breakfast. Half an hour later we were back to square one, running back to the Vet. X-Ray did not reveal anything (Nylabone will not show on X-Ray) and The Vet tried to locate hard pieces by hand gently squeezing the belly. As she was doing it, Bruno started to vomit again. And lo behold, there came another Nylabone knuckle out. So now it looked much more serious than we thought. As Ultrasound was not available at this clinic, we rushed to Manchester, NH to another clinic mentally preparing for a surgery.

An hour of ultrasound examination showed more debris and a lot of internal tissue damage yet, no other big chunks.

Bruno was put on different antibiotics to help him with the healing and anti-vomiting shot as well as strict bland diet.

A week later, Bruno is back to normal. We have escaped a surgery and a life threatening condition. And yes, this could have killed him.

NO MORE Nylabones !!!

Your trainer Gil

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