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Sonia, Walter, and Cassidy Ballard (and Siri, too!)

April 20, 2014

We feel very fortunate to have met Gil and Susie, and we are grateful for the wonderful relationship that developed during our training. The timing of meeting them couldn’t have been any better, as we were preparing for the arrival of our new 9 week old Cavachon puppy, Siri. The transitions and training for us, our puppy, and our 3 cats, went smoothly due to the knowledge, advice, kindness, and patience of Susie and Gil. We couldn’t be happier with our experience, and Siri loves them. He was always so happy to see them and was eager to train, for he viewed their visit as a fun time with friends. Both Gil and Susie have a wonderful approach that encourages appropriate behavior through positive reinforcement. ... Read more

Deborah Senay

March 15, 2014

I want to let you know how grateful we are that you did such a kind and patient job with my mother and Coco. I am well-aware that Coco was the more cooperative student. There is no doubt that my mother has a much better companion thanks to your involvement.

Lily's Family

Thank you so much to Gil and Susie for helping us with the training of our Siberian Husky, Lily. We’d been working on “the basics”, but also had some specific behaviors and commands which we wanted to work on. First off, working in our own home, yard, neighborhood was invaluable. Also, working 1:1, compared to a “class” made a huge difference in Lily’s progress. We were able to get immediate feedback on both Lily’s responses and our own, rather than working in a group of multiple dogs. Both Gil and Susie had a clear understanding of Lily’s specific breed characteristics, as well, which helped to further focus her training. ... Read more

Morales Family

Training a new puppy is not easy. We were quickly finding out that we were approaching our training techniques in a non consistent manner and getting frustrated by Bentley’s lack of focus. Thanks to the team at Wet Nose, they gave us all of the necessary skills and confidence to know that even though training is a long-term committment, it’s never too late to learn. It was the best thing we could’ve done for Bentley.

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