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By: wetnosesfb | December 17th, 2014 1:06 am

December 17, 2014

We feel very fortunate to have met Gil and Susie, and we are grateful for the wonderful relationship that developed during our training. The timing of meeting them couldn’t have been any better, as we were preparing for the arrival of our new 9 week old Cavachon puppy, Siri. The transitions and training for us, our puppy, and our 3 cats, went smoothly due to the knowledge, advice, kindness, and patience of Susie and Gil. We couldn’t be happier with our experience, and Siri loves them. He was always so happy to see them and was eager to train, for he viewed their visit as a fun time with friends. Both Gil and Susie have a wonderful approach that encourages appropriate behavior through positive reinforcement.

Their love for dogs is easy to see and having them work with us in our home without the distractions of other puppies made a significant difference. It, also, was very important to have the entire family present during the sessions so we would be consistent in our training methods. They were always on time, very well prepared, and available for any follow-up. With our dog being naturally very friendly and smart, the positive training was perfect for him, for it only enhanced his sweet and affectionate disposition through his great behavior, and made our close bond with him easy and very special.

We would recommend Wet Nose Dog Training to anyone! Thank you Gil and Susie! Now that “we” have all passed Level 1 training, we look forward to our continued relationship and future Level 2 training.

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